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RIP Hugo Chavez

Despite the propaganda of the American Government and Republican Party, Hugo Chavez was a much-beloved leader of the people of Venezuela, and legally elected in a landslide (i.e. NOT a tyrant or dictator). Despite the obfuscation of the American Media, he proved to the world that socialism not only worked, but it worked better than capitalism. Venezuela is one of the richest nations in the world, with less poverty than any other nation like it. The people are happy and proud of their government, which was always transparent with them. Rather than shady corporate-bound lobbyists, Chavez took his advice from the people of Venezuela by virtue of a weekly radio show where he told the people what he was doing on their behalf, and took calls from regular citizens, listening to what their issues and worries were.

His only real enemies were the corporate buzzards that drooled to have their unfair share of Venezuela's oil riches. Chavez took that out of their hands and instead used it as a tool to uplift the people in need; serving them as all governments should be serving their people. He made Venezuela a nation of the People, not a nation of the Corporations as most of the world is now. His nation was successful beyond all possible expectations, and his distractors were jealous of his popularity with the people and greedy for the riches he used to make the lives of the poor better.

The world has lost a wonderful, moral, charismatic leader, and can only be worse in his passing. Already, the Capitalist Buzzards are circling to pick his corpse, and his nation clean; stealing away the money that the poor need, to enrich a tiny handful of individual instead; to make them even richer as the people of Venezuela will suffer.

My condolences to Chavez's family, and to his people. I pity them for the savage attacks against their freedom and prosperity that have already started.


I have to say that although I have been angry and frustrated at the Canadian government's continuous descent into fascism and opacity, I have never been more ashamed of Canada and Stephen Harper's government than I am today.

Today; Thursday, November 29th, Canada voted to reject the inclusion of Palestine into the UN as a non-voting member country.

The vote still passed with a landslide, giving Palestine access to the International Criminal Court to finally hold Israel responsible for their war crimes and crimes against humanity in their Apartheid against the Palestinian people, but I am furious and ashamed that my country would dare align itself with the villains in this situation. Israel needs to be held responsible for its villainous actions against Palestine, and now the Palestinian people are one step closer to getting that justice... no thanks to Canada, though.

Concerning "Bones" on Monday, Nov. 12...

In a show honouring the war dead, and the warriors who made it back home, just to face tribulations, the forensic pathologist team faced identifying remains that turned out to be a man who was fatally injured on Nov. 11, 2001. That show featured a character giving what I consider to be the most beautiful monologue ever made by modern man. A character that was a known Muslim was asked by a 19 year old intern whether he needed him to take over some of his load on the project because the case involved an action by people who shared his faith.

That Muslim character proceeded to give a calm but devastating response that chastized all of those idiots who go on about "Muslim Rage", block the building of Mosques and otherwise are prejudiced against Muslims. He explained how the men who perpetrated 9/11 were no more Muslims than the men who perpetrated the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades were Christians. All of those actions were not acts of faith. They were the acts of people revelling in power and being selfish — something that is condemned both in Christianity and Islam.

In the end, that 19 year old thanked that character for taking the time to set him straight on his misconception.

The Status Quo has accepted the fraudulent practice of suggesting that extremists that are totally unrepresentative of the faith they claim to represent are the models we should hold up as a typical example of that faith. Real Christians and Real Muslims are very much alike; believing in peace, love, acceptance and helping their fellow man. Terrorists in both religions are committing terror crimes within the strongholds of each religion (Islam in the Middle East, Christianity in the West), and the media rushes to splash those hateful events all over the newscape. In response to each of these events, the communities see the mainstream members of these religions coming out and publicly condemning those acts of terrorism, but the news media is suspiciously absent when those condemnations are made. Instead, the new media in America pretends those condemnations don't exist and claim that means that Islam as a whole isn't protesting against this behaviour, and implying that means they condone it. Likewise, the manipulative government media in the Middle East fails to show the overwhelming response in the west of mainstream Christianity condemning the actions of hatemongers and terrorists who falsely claim to be Christian, and it spins that into the message that Christianity approves of such actions and actively hate Islam.

The manipulative conservative media around the world is manipulating the world's two most popular religions into thinking that each hates the other, for a multitude of reasons that generally break down to greed for money and/or power.

This episode of Bones presented a logical, rational rebuttal to the hate that the news media is trying to perpetrate. I know many Muslims, and they are incredibly shocked and outraged by the actions of "Muslim" Terrorists around the world. THAT is mainstream Islam; not what the media shows you.

Post Modernism and Affirmative Action

Although I'm a die-hard liberal, I endeavour to ensure that I draw a distinct line between being diplomatic and political correctness. Political correctness doesn't help anyone, and in that spirit, I have to say that I think the time for Affirmative Action legislation is over. What many people don't realize is that each time you artificially uplift one person, another person is being pushed down at the same time. When Affirmitive Action gets a woman or a minority a job they wouldn't have gained otherwise, the person who would have otherwise gained that job is out of a job. I have the less-than-unique position of having been one of those people who was shut out of a job because government-imposed quotas required a very good job opportunity for me meant that the company had to offer the job to a woman, even though I was just as qualified for the job. Rather than basing their decision on personality and other less tangible elements, the government forced them to pick a woman over a man.

This has been happening all over for decades. Every time an opening is made in a university for a black student, that means that the door was closed for a non-minority student at the same time. These small deprivations can lead to a long cascade of events that can be the difference between a white male becoming a scientist, or a WalMart employee. Feminist still insist that women aren't being paid as much as men, and in some cases, that's true. But I also know that in areas like the medical field, men are being paid less than women for doing the same job with the same skill level and seniority, so really, it balances out. As for black people, I'm going to be very non-PC and say that as a collective group, they've been spoiled. Thanks to Affirmative Action and endless numbers of charities that only help black students, and no one else, black kids have learned that they don't have to try as hard as a poor white kid to succeed. All they have to do is whine enough, and people will be there to uplift them, so they don't need to put in the extra effort. Are there black kids that push themselves to succeed, and take full advantage of the help given to them, ending up as successes, but those are the exceptions to the norm.

Right now, in the US, the Supreme Court is preparing to accept a case of a woman who is suing a University because she was bumped down onto the waiting list from being accepted to allow a black student to attend instead. What was her crime to justify that educational tragedy?

She was born white. If it's happening to white women, then you realize how much worse it is for white males. White Males are punished by all aspects of society for being born white and male. If they don't have the advantage of being born into one of the 1% rich families to give you money and connections to compensate for your white male disability, then you're pretty much screwed.

Women and minorities might give 100% to succeed, but in Western society, white males have to give 110% just to draw even with those who have been artificially uplifted.

Affirmative Action had its rightful purpose, to get women and minorities into all aspects of society. That has occured. Sure, there is still more to be done, but is it fair to continue to punish all white males because 0.001% of us are resisting giving women total equality? Don't you think it's time to give white males some equality, too?

The Myth of Equality

In the course of talking with friends, I have discovered that a great many people in this world are under the mistaken assumption that all people are equal. No, this isn't a supremicist rant, but rather an examination on the improper use of words and the phenomenon of jingoism.

Get this straight right from the start; no one on this world is a complete and perfect replacement for any other person. Even a person with similar skills, knowledge, skills, temperment and personality will never be a true replacement for another person. Thus, people are not equal.

Consider this; the person you love most in the world falls off a ladder and gets a severe brain injury that needs surgery to save that person's life. Do you want the hopsital to take some busker or homeless person off the street and put that person in charge of the surgery? If you said yes, you're a liar. You want a brain surgeon to do the job. No one else on the planet is the equal of a brain surgeon in that situation, and even among brain surgeons, they are not all equal. If you said they are not equal, then congratulations, you're a professionist.

Consider this; your country has been invaded by a hostile, imperialist nations. Would you want your nation to take someone who has been sequestered in remote monestary for their entire life meditating to be placed in charge of your nation's military? If you said yes, then once again, you are a liar. That person is not the equal of a master strategist and expert on the capabilies of your nation's armed forces. Recognizing that reality, you can now be identified as a philosophist (prejudiced against a person's philosphy)

Consider this; would you want a 12 year old as the leader of your nation? If not, then you are an ageist.

The idea that we are equal is dangerous; it fosters an idea that life is cheap and meaningless, rather than recognizing that each individual is a unique person that cannot be replaced if they were removed from the world. The only way we would be equal is if everyone was exactly the same; same gender, same age, same race, same colouration, same knowledge, same education, same personality. The concept of equality is one of the most bleak, soul-ravaging concepts that a person could come up with. There have been episodes of the Twilight Zone that have highlighted the danger and horror of everyone being equal.

Now, with that said, every single one of us is due the same rights, the same freedoms, the same consideration, the same respect, the same tolerance, the same opportunities and the same attendant responsibilities of everyone else on earth. We should all have equality in those ways, but wanting to be "Equal" has become an abused term with has been used not only to free and enlighten people, but also to enslave and oppress people as well. Take, for example, the concept of the sexes being equal. Any medical professional can tell you that's nonsense. Women and men react to things significantly different from each other. Women and men have distinctly different body chemistry from each other and are prone to some diseases/disorders when the other gender is not. Males and females have affinities for certain types of temperments and skills which, while not nonexistent in the opposite sex, are significantly unique if they are present. A woman can certainly be a construction worker, but you have to consider; does that really put the strengths and advantages of being a female to the best use? Could there be other areas that her gender's attendant strengths and natural traits could be of better use than in a traditionally male role? In the same way; males can certainly do the job of a nurse with equal skill and success, but if we consider the more esoteric elements, the truth is that, in general, a scared sick or injured person is more likely to be relaxed by the sight, sound and mannerisms of a woman than they are by those of a man. In fact, the sight of a male nurse can traumatize a rape victim horrifically. So can we realistically call males and females equal? The answer is no.

By demanding "equality", we are blithely dismissing the strengths of each gender and end up trying to create a false equivalence. Those false equivalences can be very damaging. These days, in the manic rush to make women "equal", a lot of male rights, freedoms and opportunities have been stomped underfoot. In the name of "equality", a man doesn't stand a chance of standing on equal grounds with a woman in a divorce or child custody hearing. That is a case where the concept of being "equal" has caused oppression. Likewise, look at our entertainment media. See how males and females are portrayed by the media, both in entertainment, in commercials and in the news. It is anything but equal. When it comes to the media, males always get the short end of the stick.

Try this exercise: Keep a piece of paper and a pen beside where you sit when you watch TV. Every day for 2 weeks, mark the sheet when a female is portrayed in a positive manner in the media, whether it be TV Show, Movie, Commercial or News Show. Make a different mark when a male is portrayed in a positive manner. Do the same thing, making marks in different columns when a female is portrayed in a negative manner and when a male is portrayed in a negative manner. At the end of two weeks, look at how the columns compare. I can predict what you will NOT see, and that's equality. What you will see is an undeniable trend toward portraying women positively, and men negatively.

This is what our society has become, all for the sake of being "Equal". Femocentrism has taken over Western Society. Feminism had wonderful ideals when they started up, seeking equal rights for men and women, but in the course of the past few decades, Feminism has mutated into something dark and oppressive, all because of the jingoism of the term "Equality".

Just as people misuse the word "Sentience" when they mean the definition of "Sapience", people are using the term "Equality" when what they mean is "Equivalency" and "mutual rights and freedoms".

Feminist Stupidity

The Feminist Movement has been doing a lot of stupid and abusive things lately, but there is one thing that we just have to stand up to them concerning, and tell them "No More!"

That thing is the moronic event called the Slut Walk.

The Feminist Movement has been clinging to a false premise for a while know; the idea that women themselves aren't at fault when they get raped. While on the surface, that's true, it doesn't examine the situation fully. While the women are not at fault if a man chooses to attack and rape them, it is still quite possible that they bear some responsibility for the attack. This is once again a case of women trying to duck the Responsibility aspect of equality. The fact is that women walking alone at night, wearing suggestive clothing IS a risky endeavour. Perhaps it shouldn't be, but the fact of the matter is that it IS RISKY!

When engaging in a risky action, a sensible person generally takes precautions to reduce their risk, but Feminists want to take serious risks, and still be safe at the same time. It just doesn't work that way, and no amount of speeches, protests or Slut Walks are going to change it. When people take risks like working on a construction site, they take steps to protect themselves. They wear hard hats and steel toe/sole boots to protect them from the innate danger of what they're doing. We call that sensible and intelligent. So why is it no longer sensible or intelligent when we tell women to take precautions when they go into risky situations, like walking alone at night? Why is it suddenly sexism? When a prostitute goes out at night, dressed in a manner meant to attract men's attention, they know and appreciate the risks they are taking. In many places, the pimp or whomever they work for will have some sort of subtle system of security to protect his or her girls from being attacked or openly abused. The fact of the matter is that their manner of dress IS an invitation for the attention of men; only an idiot could deny that point. So why do businesswomen and college students think that wearing the same kind of attention-attracting clothing and makeup is suddenly NOT an invitation when they wear it? That makes no sense. It is the nature of men to respond when women send them sexual signal, and as much as women might try to deny it, dressing like a slut IS a sexual signal. As much as you think that you can, the harsh fact is that you CANNOT change the Male Nature anymore than you can change the nature of women. For every one man you brainwash into being a passive, emasculated wuss, there are 100,000 that will continue to act male.

So, seeing that changing the male reaction to sexual signals cannot be changed, that means that women HAVE to take precautions and make sure they aren't sending sexual signals when they don't mean to be. If you're going to go out in a situation where there's a risk that some pathological male might decide to target you, then be sensible and take practical steps to not be a target. That's called being responsible for yourself and your actions, and it applies whether you're male or female (or both, or neither). If you're going to have to walk alone in the dark that evening, then be responsible for yourself and don't wear that extra-slinky dress. Being alive and unmolested the next morning is much more important that getting some cheap, tawdry sex with a stranger.

It's no different than ensuring that contraception and protection from disease is used when you have sex with a stranger — this is a case of being prepared for the situation you know you're going to be in. If you don't have the money to take a taxi back home from your night out of fun, then either dress conservatively, or else DON'T GO!!

Despite what the rabid Feminists might tell you, you don't have the right to act stupid, and still expect society to protect you from the results of your own stupidity. That is a pathologically selfish attitude to have, not to mention delusional.

So yes, it is 100% the fault of the Rapist if you get raped, but if you knew there was risk and you didn't take sensible precautions, then you also bear some responsibility for what happened as well. There is no way to say that any clearer. So no amount of sashaying around in sexually-suggestive clothing when you're in a protective group is going to do anything to protect you when it comes down to the situation where it's just you and a pathological person who has recognized your efforts to be the focus of attention.

We don't ask for there to not be steps taken to protect women from violent and sexual crime; we're just expecting women to use their heads for something other than keeping their ears from touching. No amount of societal intervention is going to protect you from being stupid. That's just the harsh reality of the situation. Stop the Slut Walks, and instead have workshops to brainstorm for ideas that women can use to reduce their own risk. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

RIP Ray Bradbury

The great author, Ray Bradbury is dead at 91, but his ideas and stories are forever.

Ray Bradbury was my favourite author for a long time, and although the evocative works of another author became my top favourite, Ray Bradbury's works have always been a huge part of my life. He had a great influence on my writing, encouraging me to branch from fantasy into sci-fi as well, leading me to minor fame within my High School when I wrote a short story about Earthmen inadvertently murdering a living planet in their relentless search for resources. It was acclaimed by the English Department and several people in the Board of Education.

Bradbury's influence on the world is going to be felt for many generations, and my collection of his works is going to keep him alive in my mind. RIP Ray.

This occurred to be as I was reading about the predatory foreclosures that banks are still indulging in — aren't the very natures of foreclosures unfair to the mortgage client? The bank is getting the full value of the house itself, plus everything the mortgage client paid to date. They're having their cake and eating it, too?

Shouldn't the person whose home was foreclosed on get back all the payments they made, to date, minus interest payments and reasonable fees? Why does it have to be Win-Win for the banks, and Lose-Lose for the customers?

Why aren't people pushing for mortgage reform that's fair to everyone, instead of just for the banks? Or am I just making too much sense for the world of finance to comprehend?

Some history about words...

The word, Idiot, comes from the ancient Greek word, "Idiotus", which is what they called people who refused to vote in elections.

These days, the word Idiot means a person who votes for conservatives in elections...

Attention conservatives...

Your religion DOES NOT give you the right to hate or persecute ANYONE, period! I don't care how much you want to be a whiny little bitch, your religion does not give you the right to say hateful things about gays, liberals, communists, blacks, Muslims; not anyone!!

So just shut your fucking ignorant mouths already! The right of those people to not be oppressed and hated by you trumps any and all religious "freedoms"! We don't want to hear it, and the Constitution/Bill of Rights says we don't have to hear it!